It took a village to get me here- Pt 3

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Rich in People
God gave me a gift in the form of a man around this time last year. He has been key to many of the big moves I have made this year. The audacity to just dream, do and see them materialise with the support of a partner who believes in me is just so beautiful. Thank you B for giving so much to make Surrey happen. For never asking me to settle. For always saying “Go for it, babe” For always putting your money and action where your mouth is, I am most grateful.

I am immensely thankful to Bolaji Lawal for not only writing me an astounding letter of recommendation/reference, but for holding me accountable as a mentor every step of the way. Your type is rare, sir. Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me.

What would I have done with Abayomi Onifade who opened herself and family up to me. One of my biggest blessings from my stint at Phillips Consulting, Yomi has transitioned from just being my senior colleague to becoming my big sister, friend, mentor and confidant. Thank you for always showing me love and warmth. Thank you for always having my back. Thank you for providing all the critical support I needed. I am grateful to you and Mr O for always opening your door and arms to me when I need it the most.

Dearest Sister Omo, you have been so giving and loving since day one when we met randomly in 2014. I have no doubt that God made our path cross for so many reasons because you have always been consistent in love towards me. Thank you for being the best big sister and friend a girl could ever ask for. I am grateful for the hacks and insight you provided during my VISA application process.’

I am rich in people! Naira was devaluing by the day but God used Dr Ayobami Adebayo, Dr Adesua Omosule, Biyi Omole, Hannah Ojo and Opeoluwa Onabawo to help ease the strain on getting fx. This journey would have been tougher, delayed and daunting but for your intervention at different times. Thank you so much for coming through for me in a heartbeat.

Thank you Sis Loretta for your prayers, succour, gift. Your all round positivity and unwavering faith in the God that can do the impossible made me dare to believe God to be a finisher.

I am also grateful to Kayode Afolabi, Mojibayo Alloh, Allwell Brown, Niyi Aderibigbe, Layi Adeyemi, Funmi Olapegba, Aj Nwaeze for being such reliable friends. Despite my efforts to be very discreet about my plans, I never doubted that I could count on your support, prayers and kind wishes.

The clan of Casa Tobs deserve a worthy mention too. My sweet baby sister Kaosara who displays uncommon maturity for her age and makes me want to do better. Being your caregiver in the last few years kept me on my toes and in check. Thank you for always praying for my progress. Oluwatosin Audu Ruth, thank you for being a kind Aburo. Having you in my life in the last few years has been a blessing and honour. I am grateful to my cousin, Tomiwa who is an easy to reach gist partner whenever I needed to bare my heart and fears someone unabashed during the process. I pray that even greater exploits, you all shall do in life.

Staring at the beautiful view from my window, cold air seeping in through invisible holes, with a heart full of gratitude, I can truly say it took a whole village to get me to this position. Now it is time to make all the effort worthwhile and ace that MBA!

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