It took a village to get me here- Pt 2

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The Curious Case of Tobs!

And so I set to work. I stalked Yejide Akiode across available channels: Email, LinkedIn, Instagram, everywhere so I could get more details and perhaps get some experience sharing sessions with her before I made a decision. (I’m the queen of research and investigation. The case of curious … the cat, lol) I met a deafening silence upon all my efforts. I was at the verge of giving up 3 weeks later when she responded apologetically saying she’s not so active on social media and the email address I reached was inactive.

Meeting Yejide was providence. She was my reminder that God is truly mindful of His own and his word in Psalm 32:8. All of my concerns, questions (trust me, I had a truckload of them) and guidance were patiently provided. She literally held me by the hand all the way from my application process to VISA application etc. Yejide, I later found out, was a Daystar member before she relocated and had a similar Chevening scholarship rejection experience.

After putting in an impressive application, Personal statement and Interview, I received the Women in Leadership Scholarship to pursue an MBA at the University of Surrey. My program started since September 21st online and the experience has been nothing short of transformational. Whoosh!!! It is intense, I wouldn’t even lie.

I finally got to join the program in person after getting my VISA. The VISA application process is yet another story and miracle on it for another day.

Gratitude state of mind
As this new phase begins, I do not take the blessings and miracles I have experienced every step of the way for granted. I would be lying if I do not admit that I have enjoyed favour, angelic assistance and the help of many- family, friends and strangers.

First, I am grateful to my mother who always holds me up in the place of prayer. My mother’s prayer has kept me thus far. My mum never objected to the idea of going back to school and gave me her support and blessings from day one. She is the strongest woman I know and I really hope to make her proud.

I strongly believe my Dad still keeps watch over me from heaven. So yes he deserves a mention too. I carry your authenticity around Dad and I am grateful to you for all that you sacrificed during your lifetime to get me here.

My brother. Our relationship has been a rollercoaster in the last few years for various reasons. However, one thing is sure, your role is irreplaceable, your presence is strong, your love is constant, your best wishes for me are consistent and support unchangeable. I guess in spite of our differences and misunderstanding, you will always be blood and will always have my back. Thank you for everything you did to make Surrey MBA possible.

I rarely talk about my sister. She is an irrevocable force in my life. Full of wisdom and grace, my elder sister Dr. Adebimpe Ogunmodede is a true gem. She provides the right balance and insight I needed per time through this journey. She is the sage with uncanny foresight that clears the path in the place of prayer and counsel. Thank you Egbon for all that your invaluable contribution. And thank you to your husband for being the coolest bro in law. You both have been super supportive in more ways than you can imagine.

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